ARC Angel Program for Individuals

Be an “ANGEL” for our Autism Community!

GET YOUR WINGS! Donate $20 or more per month, and become an ARC (Autism Resource Center) Angel.

Your donation helps to fund our Autism Resource Center- the FIRST in the Pee Dee! Our center provides support services, referrals, workshops and resources for local ASD Families. All of our services are free and open to the public.

As a member of our ARC Angel Society, you will receive our official “I Got My Wings” member t-shirt. Your name will be listed on our website, all All 4 Autism social media sites and at the Autism Resource Center on our “WALL OF ANGELS.” Your membership includes invitations to special programs and workshops, as well as our annual Donor Appreciation Day.

Please help us continue our efforts by becoming an ARC Angel. For the cost of a couple of movie tickets, you can improve the lives of local families affected by autism. As a grassroots organization, recurring giving is absolutely essential to our program, and helps us grow and offer more to those in need.

Remember – Your donation is tax deductible and stays LOCAL!

Click Here To Become An ARC Angel Today!


Sherwin and Mildred Welch
Dr. Daniel Owens
Lyles Cooper Lyles
Jen Coleman
Tommy and Michele Lewis
Harry and Marie Carter
Derek Hemmingsen
Warren and Betty Surratte
Susie Bennett
Preston Dawkins
Angela Watts
Tara Newton
Lee and Courtney Carter
Lee Harrington
Bryan Rabon
Allie Tanner
Keith Hudgins
Stan and Logan McGill
Dr. Brian Naylor
Kevin and Maggie Gause
Stephen Askins, MD
Angela Lee
Jenny and Chuck Bushovisky
Avery and Harper Etheridge
Sheldon and Sarah Matthews
Charlie and Kathy Grace
Gregg and Maggie Jones
David “Monkey” Buttles, III
David and Mari Kaye Haney
Burt and Carolyn Harrington
Jay and Molly Lee
Jennifer Peebles
Doug and Toni Taylor
Jessica Crowson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tilton
Tim and Heather Flowers
Regina Butcher
Jay and Elizabeth Campbell
Kathy Taylor
Terry and Betsy Hannan
Chick Foster
Kayla Woods
Susan and Jim Stanley
Trent Carney
Bill Harwood
Vera Herbert
Misty Stathos
Rhett and Farrah Hughes
Robby and Leigh Roberson
Jan and John Pennington
Dr. Marc Heiden
Dr. David and Laurie Rosi
CW4 Jack McLaughlin and Lisa McLaughlin
Jack and Beth Marchette


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