Mission & Objectives

All 4 Autism

Support for Families Living with Autism in the Pee Dee


To increase awareness, resources and support for those of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their families, throughout the Pee Dee Region.


• Provide referral information to families seeking diagnostic and support services for their family member with ASD

• Partner with other organizations and agencies to broaden the scope and availability of autism services in our area

• Provide ASD support, training and resources to school district personnel, law enforcement, government officials, and leaders in local youth organizations

• Work with community, medical, and adult service providers to increase understanding and appropriate services for individuals with ASD

• Maintain a user-friendly website with up-to-date information on all aspects of ASD and services and resources that are available

• Host events that provide opportunities for the Autism Community to connect and create support networks

• Provide an Autism Resource Center that will serve as our regional headquarters


Our purpose is to provide support and the necessary resources for those with ASD, and their families.

Autism Spectrum Disorders impact many areas of functioning and daily life, for both children and their families. Research shows that early interventions and therapy can lead to dramatic progress and improve quality of life for those affected by ASD. However, it can be extremely difficult to navigate the services and resources that are available. All 4 Autism assists families with this process by providing the support and guidance they so desperately need.